65 Responses to “JNTU kakinada mid exam dates & Info on final exam Time tables”

  1. madhu says:

    plese tell me if jntu-k releases b.tech 3rd yr 2nd sem & 2nd yr 2nd sem R05 supply exm time tables for april may 2011….. pleaseeeeeeee……….

  2. sameer says:

    please send me mba 1st year second sem exam date

  3. uday says:

    please send me a message that when would be the 1-2 results will be announced(b-tech/R-10).

  4. lakshmi says:

    please send me 4th year mid exams time table

  5. saisudha says:

    plz send me jntk 3rd year 1st mid time table

  6. kiran says:

    i want jntuk updates about timetabels and results

  7. shankar says:

    plsssssss upload cse 4-1 1st mid exams time table

  8. kiran says:

    sir i want mid exam timetable of mech branch of 3.1

  9. priya says:

    what is the timetable for cse 3-1 first mid exams of 2011?

  10. saisudha says:

    sir plzzzzzz send me 3-1 cse 1st sem timetable

  11. sowji says:

    i want 4-1 2mid exam time table and 3-2 supply exam time table.plz forward to my mail….

  12. Deepika says:

    i want 4-1 2mid exam time table and 3-2 supply exam time table.plz forward to my mail….

  13. ashalatha says:

    sir i want 4-1 examination time tabel..forwad 2 my mail

  14. harika says:

    sir plz tell 4-1 2nd mid exam dates

  15. Jogarao says:

    Sir tell me, 3 1 semi time table for ece.

  16. jyothsna says:

    sir i ant 2nd mid exams time table and final exams time table,plz forward to my mail.

  17. hwy plz send the 2nd mid exam time tables

  18. venkatesh says:

    sir new shedule of 1st year mid1 plz send to my mail

  19. sir…please inform me the cse 3-1 sem time table of r07 regular time table..and the supply exam dates of 2-1 and 2-2 tooo…
    thank u admin

  20. PRAVEEN404 says:

    i want 4-1 jntuk reg r07 time table

  21. revanth raj says:

    sir, please inform 4-1 semester timetable regular examination

  22. madhav says:

    sir i want 3rd year ece ist semester external time table 2011

  23. kalpana says:

    hai sir/madam.. i want to know the 3-1 r07 semister time table for nov 2011

  24. Sri Rupa says:

    Plz send cse 2-1 time table for R-10 urgent

  25. anusha says:

    please send me the exam order of 2-2

  26. gopi says:

    pls send me 4-2-2 mid1 timetable

  27. yoshitha says:

    please send me 1-2-mid1 timetable

  28. i.latha says:

    please send me 4-1 supplementary exams time table

  29. i.latha says:

    plz send me 4-1 supply time table

  30. jaswanth says:

    sir,I need 4-2 (R07) external exams time table details…please send the details :)

  31. saisudha says:

    sir plzzzz send me the jntk 3-2 cse 2nd mid time table.

  32. ashok says:

    please sent 3-2 semi exam time table

  33. plese tell me if jntu-k releases b.tech 3rd yr 2nd sem & 4th yr 2nd sem exm time tables for april may 2012….. pleaseeeeeeee……….

  34. Tejaswini says:

    Plz send R10 3-1 mechanical syllabus,its too late

  35. k.s.r.keerthana says:

    PLS send me mid-1 timetable ece 2012 3-1


  37. n.bhargav says:

    sir send us 4-1 ro7 1st mid time table and final exam time table for the year 2012

  38. sai says:

    when will be the revalutation results for r10 1-2 will be released please release it soon

  39. lavanya says:

    Please send the 3-1 external exam time table r10(2012).

  40. Ramya says:

    please tell when will 2-1 2nd mid will start?

  41. Shailaja says:

    plz send b.tech 4-2 eee 2nd mid time table & final exam timetable plz forward to my mail

  42. rasheeda says:

    did IVth years 1st mid exams were postponed?What is the time table?please send the timetable.

  43. rasheeda says:

    please send me 4-1 1st mid timetable

  44. Bhireddi Kamesh says:

    please tell me jntu mba mid 1 exam time tables

  45. Padma Bai says:

    please tell me R12 1st mid time table

  46. mallikarjuna says:

    Plz 2-1 first mid time table

  47. Khurram Arsalan says:

    i want second mid exam dates of b.tech first year

  48. i want 3-2 sem timetable(regular)

  49. satish says:

    I want2midtimetable2-2

  50. we want 2-1 2nd mid online bits

  51. plz send me the m.tech mid1 timetable

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