53 Responses to “jntu kakinada 4-2 results 2011 r07 r05”

  1. ramarao says:

    waiting fr results…

  2. sri says:

    evning ah???night aindi…epdu result…

  3. ramarao says:

    same nadi kuda adey feeling..

  4. srikanth voona says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiii friend
    when results are come out?
    tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeplz

  5. vinay says:

    results will be released on next 2 days

  6. Amrutha says:

    hey ivaltaki results vastaya rava tension petti champutunadu

  7. U-Know-Who says:

    JNTU-K V.C. Alam Appa Rao rocks

  8. swetha meghna says:

    Hello when will jtnu release results.I am expecting 90%

  9. Amrutha says:

    vadu tension petti champutunadu daridrudu rasi nala pi avutundi inka results ivakuntunadu

  10. murali says:


  11. Kumar says:

    till 4 hours, after that june 1st means month changed

  12. swetha meghna says:

    hey u knw who!!! where are you from

  13. praveen says:

    please tell exact time…………….

  14. U-Know-Who says:

    He is like a fatherly-figure to me

  15. sri says:

    twelve lopu pedthara pettara….ento…asalu paper correction ainda…….ipdu chesthunara…….lekapothe data ki virus patti corrupt ainda…ento baboiiii…pichekthondi

  16. abbo swetha neku 90% na
    curct ga 40% vastaya…………

  17. ramu inka paduko
    nuv kuda pedda scrab kada…

  18. Dhanu rocks says:

    Ento ilanti games kuda adutara university people ……..think they are making the students fools ………….

    • bhavana says:

      yes u r right and these jntuk people are making lot of fun with us ok let them this is the last time they can play with us

  19. mrudu says:

    wn will b d results gng 2 b relesed

  20. bhavana says:

    this is the right thing u need to do admin………..

  21. Nandhu(LOVES) says:

    Hey guys i know this website gays is simply playing with us

  22. jntuadmin says:

    this is enquire no. u Ask and tell to all.


  23. BASHA says:

    arey baboi eppudu ra e result . . btech last sem kuda vadaladu tension pettakunda

  24. Nani says:

    Day kuda marindi…today 1 st june….results vastaya leda…tension ga vundi…pass percentage 33% ante

  25. User says:

    IS there option for JNTUK studennts to left 2 subjects in 4yrs.

  26. vijaya says:

    hello sir,
    unfortunatly i was not able to attend the mad exam and can i leave the both mad and s.p.m subjects.for absent we have -1 credit.can leave both subjects or not?
    please give reply to me as early u can

  27. vijaya says:

    hello sir,
    thank you for your valuable reply to me,sir still now i am having doubt in my mind i.e suppose if i am leaving both s.p.m and m.a.d i will get 216 credits and i was absent for m.a.d exam so absent of exam -1 credit so totally i will get 215 credits.for the award of degree we have to get atleest 216 credits,now please tell me can i leave both subjects,sir please don’t feel that i am getting irritating to you by asking the same question twice because i am totally confused,is it true of -1 credit for the reason of absent,please give me your valuable suggession to me as early as u can,i am waiting for u r valuable suggession……..

  28. lakshmi says:

    hello sir,
    when will 3-1(r07)supply results announced

  29. satya says:

    hello sir,
    i am belongs to i.t and i have mad subject as backlog and it is a lab subject,i am jntu kakinada student (r07)
    sir please tell me can i leave mad subject

  30. sirisha says:

    When will 4-1 supple xams be held???? Plz rply

  31. ramesh says:

    when will u release the 4-2 revaluation results

  32. srikanth says:

    respected sir,I applied revaluation for one subject in 4-2.can u tell me when the JNTUK 4-2 revaluation results are announced.please sir

  33. jntuadmin says:

    Revaluation results will be sent only to the college portals.. keep enquiring in ur coll exam cell.

  34. gpriyanka says:

    thx sir for giving information abt revaluation results.

  35. madhusudan says:

    good morning sir……….i got 66.2% in my B.tech…….i want to leave first year ap,net work subjects,because i had less score on that subjects…..both are having 4 credits only……..it is possible or not sir….?

  36. madhusudan says:

    gudmrning sir…..i got 66.2% in my B.Tech….i want leave 1st year ap,networks subjects,because i had less score on that subjects……those subjects having 4 credits only…….is it possible to leave those subjects.?

  37. madhusudan says:

    sir…….when will announced 4-2(R07) supply examination results…..?

  38. SOUJI says:

    JntuK 4-2 R07 regular/supply exam results are mostl likely to be released by the end of the month may 2012. The 4-2 r07 regular/supply results 2011 (the relieved batch last year 2011) got their results on may 30th 2011. In comparison with the last year results we are expecting it to be by the end of this month may.

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