68 Responses to “jntu hyderadad 4-1 R09 R07 R05 RR regular supply results december 2012”

  1. hameed says:

    It is jan 2012 or 2013… correct it.

  2. nazar says:

    hey tell me the exact date of btech 4-1 R09 results nov/dec 2012…because the date is varying in every websites in some websites 13 jan 2013,15 jan 2013(this website),other one 20th jan 2013…too much confused

  3. keerthipriya says:

    SIR…pLZZZZZZ tell me the date of btech 4-1 R09 results nov/dec 2012

  4. srinu says:

    Can u tell the exact date of 4-1 r09 results with supply’s also…

  5. ess inayath says:

    sir please can u tell me whether the crrections has been delayed or a new procedure has adopted for the crrction.. please am tired of rumour please sir..

  6. vinod says:

    sir plz tell me exact date

  7. nazar says:

    idher dekho kya bolre oh loog kakinada after 25 jan after this anathapur after that only hyd no doubt in this so hyd results will be going to realese in 1week or 2week of feb 2013

  8. vvinod reddy says:

    send sms to my no when results released

  9. Anand says:

    When is 4-1 results r09

  10. jagadish says:

    li8 inka ravu results after our marraige it will come enni sarlu postpone chesaro ah date ni….

  11. jaya says:

    nice said jagadish

  12. karthik says:

    sir plzz mesg me wen are the results going to be released sir reply me as soon as possible

  13. ajay yadav says:

    ah results release kavu li8…wat jagadish said is correct…it will be released by our marrige muhurtham time….ha ha ha

  14. arun says:

    r09 4-1 results jntuh sir plzz mesg me wen are the results going to be released sir reply me as soon as possible

  15. praveen madishetty says:

    can u please say the exact date????

  16. arun says:

    today on midnight masala it will release

  17. ajay yadav says:

    no i will not trust u (the results may be before 4-2 1st mid exams)
    pakka before 20th of feb 2013.bet…malli postpone…civi and aero branches corrections are still going on…

  18. dragon says:

    wats going….!
    may be they forgot to release results dont worry u will get memos soon

  19. madhu reddy says:

    plz say when are 4-1 r(09) results are released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. gowtham says:

    eapudu ra babu…. mari eeni rojula… jeevitham…. india lo ea university lo kuda intha dharunanga unadhu kavochu…………

  21. rajesh says:

    dafq..why is it so long to release results????????

  22. nikita says:

    when are d 4-1 jntu hyd r09 results going to come plz release as soon as possible already it is so late and kakinada n anantapur results r already out….

  23. shyam says:

    4-1 results when sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  24. abdul quddus says:

    hiii sir plz tel the results of 4th b-bech. plzzz release the results as soon as possible sir. IF NOT release the results 2day only

  25. Anonymous says:

    hello frnds corrections of btech 4th year 1st sem are still going on…so it may be released by after feb 20th…and 3-1 btech hyd results will be by march 1st week…

  26. vijay says:

    abacha after 8th ah…ippativarku enni dates marcharo…now this is new date…good keep it up jntu h…inka corrections delay na..

  27. madhu reddy says:

    4-2 varuku elne postpone cheyandi release cheyakunda

  28. anonymous says:

    avvi epudante apudu vasthayi first prepare for the mids and thondarga vachina late ayna marks matram meeku entha ravalo anthane vasthayi kadha dont be tensed …. am also waiting for them coollll

  29. vinay says:

    anna jaldi release chai ipatike chala time waste aindi nenu supply rasina r07 4-1nov 2012

  30. siri says:

    plz tell when 4-1 exam results will be announced

  31. vijay says:

    4-1 r09 results releasing today 3pm..my guess..but my guess is always right..get ready guys

  32. madhu reddy says:

    100 days function cheyali ega!!!!

  33. srikanth says:

    sir,reveal the results of R09 as soon as possible

  34. sridhar.repaka says:

    update releasing date …2morrw 11.15 am ki 4-1 results….!..all the best…friends…!!!:)……………….

  35. Anand says:

    when is 4-1 results it will take time or it will release say correctly the exact dare

  36. Anand says:

    Call to 23156113 to know when results will release

  37. sandy says:

    call to 040-23156113 to know when 4-1 results will release

  38. vijay says:

    hmmm they are saying that results will be released by feb month ending…my god

  39. arun says:

    sir plzz mesg me wen are the results going to be released sir reply me as soon as possible

  40. arun says:

    when is 4-1 results it will take time or it will release say correctly the exact date……..

  41. arun says:

    When is 4-1 results r09…………..

  42. vijay says:

    ikada mesg chesi waste asalu evvaru reply ivvaru….

  43. sridhar.repaka says:

    haha…hha…:)bale cheppav

  44. naresh says:

    may i know that whether results will release toay or not…and if today at wat time …4-1 r09 jntuh

  45. shankar says:

    sir wen will be the 1 st year jntuh supply results will be announced.. exam notification date kuda ochesindi..? why so delay sir.? willl the results dispatched to college.?

  46. praawin says:

    as soon as the paper correction is finished they up dated them on net anta then y so late ?………………

  47. praawin says:

    no results are been sent to the college…………….

  48. praawin says:

    is jntu going to release r09 4-1 exam results today r not ?

  49. praawin says:

    sir may i know whats the problem behind not releasing the results ? if any please say us……………….

  50. armaan says:

    i dont think the result will b released today i.e on 21-02-13,this is simply annoying how u guys cant stick to your own words….

  51. naresh says:

    hello admin will you say that when jntuh 4-1 r09 results are going to be released…is it going to be released ????? if at what time..??
    plzzzzzzz give response

  52. md rizwan says:

    the jntu people are acting like the characters in saas bahu daily soaps.we all are tulsi viranis waiting for mihir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    even mihir came back after dying.but the result is still on the way.

  53. praawin says:

    now whats the other excuse u ppl going to say for not releasing the results………..?

  54. srikanth says:

    jntuh is a worest unviersity in all the other already jntu-kakinada 1 st year supply results also released bt here 4-1 also not released 3 months are completed

  55. armaan says:

    Atleast send the result to their respective colleges,it would b better…….

  56. sravan says:

    guyss jntu is not going to relasee the result ..jntu hade declared tht all are passed the exames of 2012 nov … no need wait 4 result get ready 4 semis tht’s itt fndss

  57. tvskiran says:

    hi r07 results are not opening i,m getting invalid hall ticket

  58. Karthik says:


    I am unable to open my “4-1 (R09)” results “Roll No: 09UC1A0534”, it is saying “Invalid Hall Ticket Number”. Please help me.


  59. Sirisha says:

    sir,when do we get ro9 4-1 supply results……..

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