8 Responses to “jntu hyderabad 4-2 R09 R07 R05 RR regular / supply results 2013”

  1. sra1 says:

    when is the result datee post it 1st

  2. sohail says:

    when 3-2 results reply me. wt abt the 2subject expection

  3. sra1 says:

    when is the 3-2 result than

  4. sra1 says:

    pls poste the result date of 3-2

  5. Deepak says:

    4-2 results….
    HT No: 09UH1A0457

  6. Shiva says:

    Wat about 4-2 bpharm results.

  7. sra1 says:

    why sir u ll not update the sitee pls rlp to question sirr..provide information to studentss

  8. sairam says:

    Sir when are3-2 results

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