26 Responses to “jntu hyderabad 3-1 R09 , R07 , R05 , RR regular supply results 2012-2013”

  1. sravan says:

    when is the result date of 3-1…post the correct date sir

  2. Anurag says:

    Good and informative website for students..thanks

  3. zubair says:

    when you declare 2-1result

  4. zubair says:

    2-1 result is release on after 15 feb.

  5. sravan says:

    what the jntuH doing till now the result are not at realsed…so what is going on .the 60 dayess are passed ….we arey eagarlay wait for the result of r09 3-1

  6. sravan says:

    BIG shame on jntuh
    till now they have not released 4-1 r09 results….

  7. sam says:

    whn our reslts r gng 2 release , whether the scam of xams r gng 2 shw effect on our reslts?????????????????????????????????

  8. sravan says:

    enka eani days A post ala padtharu koncham dates change chayandee a date chuse chuse bore kodthundee sirrr….

  9. vikram says:

    Sir,when our 3-1 results will be released… i want to prepare for this sem.. so i need result so that i can improve based on result…

  10. srikanth says:

    when wiil 3-1 results

  11. srikanth says:

    how many more days u people will to release 3-1 jntuh results in all other 1 st year supplies are also released

  12. srinu says:

    when will be thwe 3-1 results we are eargly waiting for results

    • rvamshi says:

      Y u people dont give false statements give accurate date dont give for name sake and waiting for that date i dont think y this much time taken for jntuh correcrtion

  13. rakesh says:

    plz release the 3-1 results r else release with 3-2 results

  14. ramesh says:

    pls tell the xact date of 3-2 results

  15. sra1 says:

    post the exam result date sir and time we are wating for the result ……form long dayess ..so respond to this post

  16. sir,we’re waiting for 3-1btech. Results give an info. About that

  17. zareen says:

    will the results will definitely release on any of these 2 days

  18. MERAJ AHMAD says:


  19. mahesh says:

    may be expected ofter 3-2 sem

  20. nakosem says:

    will jntuh release 3-1 r-09 result today?
    this is the 90th day since we have written last exam.
    is jntuh feeling not responsible

  21. sravan says:

    waste of jntu hyderabad don’t ability to correct papers why u ll bee conducting of examess..why u ll be play with students life..its already to late. it passed 100 dayes so what jntu hyb doing shame on jntu …the result should be come in 45 days onlyyy..so what is going on than

  22. Y 3 1 results are stil pending….as your mentioned date is passed away…….give an info of pakka date….

  23. imran eee says:

    Please let the results fast…k

  24. pl say wn r 3-1 of 2013(nov) jntuh results r going to release pls say…

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