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  1. AWAIZ says:

    hai this is awaiz i am waiting for HR round results for morning batch 1-167 if any body get responce please inform me 9866403237 if your in AP add “0″ to if your other state

  2. AWAIZ says:

    you can share your experance in this site

  3. RANA PRATHAP says:

    just want result……………..

  4. MANOJ says:


  5. nani_rockz says:

    I got 69.70% aggregate(jntuh region), is there any kind of chance of getting 70%…. Please help me…

  6. john says:

    hey.i’ve 69.81% in jntu.will it be rounded off to 70%????????

  7. jyothi says:

    is there any problem if we had backlog in final year btech

  8. appu says:

    pls te me how to find it 07 batch agregate

  9. jack says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear

    i am now 4-1 B-tech and i got all around 49% and i want alist 70% so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me give me some suggesition my dear plz help me

    reply me plzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzz ? i suffer a loat of my prob for this regiong only so plz help me and my branch is Information Technology

    hava a nice day to all my jntu people

    • jntuadmin says:

      Sorry to say, To be frank getting 70 from 49 is highly impossible. But try your level best to get more marks…

    • k.l.sowjanya says:

      hi friend nothing is imposible if u do hardwork jst before 1 week of exams just take of ur syllabus paper and prepare for xams according to syllabus until then dont go for all in one after u get confidence on u jst u refer all in one qus and jst remeber main 2points of that qus prepare thorugly 3 units then u ultimately get 70% try ur self

      ALL THE BEST……..



  11. Abhishek says:

    Sir, i am presently pursuing B.tech final year(4-1), i have an aggregate of 61.2 till now, is there a possibility of getting total aggregate of 68 till end of B.tech.

  12. Mohan says:

    Sir…i have an aggregate of 64% (excluding my 2 backlogs) and 60.87% (including backlogs)….i’m in 4-1 now…..can i get aggregate of above 65 % even though i got only 60-65 % marks in this 4-1 sem….i heard that good percentage can be gained in 4-2……..???? pls reply

  13. chandhu says:

    sir,now I’m in 4-2. up to know I have 68%(no back locks).may be I get 60-65% in 4-1.it is possible to get 70% or above after my 4-2?. what way I do hard work to get good %?

    • jntuadmin says:

      yes there is a chance for you to get 70 %. in 4-2 you will get more percentage compared to other semesters. all the best

  14. Mohd Asifuddin says:

    plz help me how to calculate the Jntuh Btech R07 1-4 years marks and aggregate

  15. manoj kumar says:

    sir iam having 55% up to 3-2 sem is it possible toget 60% after 4-2 and iam having 5 backlogsis there any exeption of subjects

    • manoj kumar says:

      sir iam having 55% up to 3-2 sem is it possible toget 60% after 4-2 and iam having 5 backlogs is there any exeption of subjects

  16. jagan says:

    when 4-1 R07 jntu kakinada advance supplymentary in 2012?

  17. chandu says:

    sir up to 4-1 I got 67%. can I get 70% after my 4-2???

  18. MANOJ says:

    sir total aggregate up to 4-2 is 59.75% is chance to assure as 60% in certifate

  19. JO says:


  20. manoj kumar says:

    sir iam having 55% up to 3-2 sem is it possible toget 60% after 4-2 and having 5 backlogs is there any exeption of subjects

  21. Sunny says:

    Hello !! How much increase in aggregade we can expect from the final year of engg. ??

  22. sindhu says:

    Sir i got 57.3% up to 4-1.any chance to get 60% after my 4-2.

  23. sanjana says:

    i have an aggregate of 77.62% (till 4-1).is there any chance of fetching 80% at the end?according to my knowledge i should get 96% in 4-2 to get 80% in the end.is it possible??????

    • mental girl says:

      are you crazy to get 80% i think you are book bug. in corporate industry know one take you unless you have a good knowledge to handle client.

  24. dheeraj says:

    hi is it possible to get 60% from 55% in final year btech pls replyy

  25. manoj kumar says:

    sir iam having 55% up to 3-2 sem and having with 5 backlogs is it possible to get 60% after completion of b.tech and there any exeption of subjects

  26. asha says:

    sir, i am having 65%aggregate upto 4-1semester.did i get 70% at the completion of my b-tech

  27. asha says:

    is jntuk calculate aggregate percentage for max marks with excluding 2 subjects marks

  28. sravya says:

    i got 74.2 in first year and 78.6 in 2-1 and 78.2 in 2-2..what is my aggregate

  29. sampath says:

    i got 68.2% till my btech 4-1 is it possible to get 70% total

  30. shashank says:

    i secured 66.6% till 4-1 excluding two sub. is there any chance of getting 70% overall

  31. shashank says:

    i mean including 4-1 i got 66.6% and is there any scope of getting 70% overall

  32. shashank says:

    is there will be a advance supplementary examination for 4-1 sem jntu-hyderabad like jntu-kakinada? i will be waiting for our reply

  33. gautam says:

    hello sir, iam persuing my b.tech 4-2 semester. Till 4-1 semester i have an aggregate of 65.75%…. i dont have any knowledge about excluding 2 subjects at all… please let me know wat may be my % after removing 2 subjects… sir please tell me whether i can obtain an aggregate of 70% by the end of course….please sir

  34. narmada says:

    i got 67.5% up to 4-1 cse……..
    if i got 70% in 4-2,can i got 70% after b.tech…….

  35. narmada says:

    Hello sir..
    i m pursuing 4-2 under jntuk.. i dnt hav backlogs

    i got 67.5% up to 4-1 cse…….. if i got 70% in 4-2,can i got 70% after b.tech…….

  36. shashank says:

    sir i’am having 62% up to 3-1 with one backlog can i get 70% after my 4-2

  37. shashank says:

    How much percentage i have to get in 3-2 & 4-1 to score 70% after my b.tech with 62% and one backlog in 3-1 plzzzz reply sir

  38. rajesh says:

    sir i ahbe 56 % til 4-1 with one active baklog
    den i can get 60% ovr al aggregate ?>>>>>???????????? pls reply fast am a final yr student i want to kne

  39. srinija says:

    sir,iam pursuing 3-1…my agg is 69.30..can i get 70% above at the end of my 4-1..and the external time table was not given ..

  40. pradeep says:

    I A having 65.88% till 4-1 it is possible to reach 70% after the 4-2

  41. sanjana says:

    Sir i’ve 69.2 % aggregate till my 3’1
    am i eligible for tcs n infosis??? n also lemme know is dt possible 2 get a aggregate of 75% by 4’1??? if so hw much % i must score in 4’1 n 3’2 to maintain an aggregate of 75%?? please do respond ..
    :) thnks in advance :)

  42. SYAMALA says:

    Dear admin,
    Can I know how the btech final aggregate will be calculated? Some are saying that two subjects least “obtained marks” (except lab,and first year) even though passed, will be removed from the total marks. And some are saying that it will be only for failed subjects.
    Which is true?

    • Mohan says:

      Hi syamala, For every student there r 2 subjects removed from overall calculation. those 2 subjects can be failed or passed …. So, u too will get certificate with exception of 2 subjects in which u got least marks. As per new rules 1st year subjects can also be removed… so those students who have failed subject in 1st year can leave it.. BUT THOSE TWO SUBJECTS SHOULD BE OF 4 CREDITS EACH…NO 6 CREDIT SUBJECT TO BE LEFT . Any more doubts…. msg me @ http://www.facebook.com/sai.adusumalli or sai.adusumalli@gmail.com

      • danesh says:

        bro i had written my 4/2 regular exams and i have 2/2 supply oops and my college had not registered my exam so i had not written exam ,so there is possobility to leave that exam are not plz reply

  43. Naresh says:

    Sir iam having 55% up to 4-1 along with 3 backlogs can i get 60% after my completion of my b.tech.. plzz help me

  44. narmada says:

    sir i got 67.5% upto 4-1 is there chance to get 70%…?

  45. iam the student of CSE at present i had written my 4/2 regular exams and in 2/2 i have one supply (OOPS) subject for that supply i had payed fee to college but they had not registered so i missed to write that supply and this is the last chance write that supply but i missed what i want to do ( jntuh proposed a proposal every student have a chance to leave any of two subjects ) is right . please help me otherwise one year will be wasted

  46. koteswararao says:

    sir how get my pecentage details in jntuk website,i want see my position in jntu (R07 )batch

  47. Naatsha says:

    How to caluclate excluding a backlog and one 1 subj which has low marks

  48. deepu says:

    sir I got 69.57% aggregate(jntuk region), is there any kind of chance of getting 70%…. Please help me…

  49. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    leaving of 2 subjects and including addition of 7 marks in 3rd subject if i got 33 marks in that subject .., is this rule was there sir

  50. Divya says:

    hii….im divya..i have 1 backlog in 4-2sem..Is it necessary to write the exam,,, r we can leave????If u leave we have to send any letter to the univercity r not???

  51. sreevalli says:

    Sir i had secured 69.86% agg after leaving 2 subjets, is there any chance of rounding it to 70%

  52. ASHA says:

    sir i had secured 64.69% agg after leaving 2 subjects is there any chance of getting it to 65%

  53. purnachandra says:

    hi i have 69.7% aggregate in B.E..
    is there any chances to get 70%

  54. syed Muz says:

    Plz publish the site where we can get all 4 years percentages

    Or email me

  55. SRIKANTH says:

    hello sir,
    i got total as 3121 as per jntu calculator it showing the aggregate as 60.60%(after leaving the 2 subjects)generally we do in our own calculator it is showing as 58.5% which process should i follow plz reply me asap.
    thanking you

  56. lavan kumar says:

    thanks for this service of information sir…..at present im at 4-1 mechanical engg….and my agg is of 84% is this percentage has any effect on my campus selection..??

  57. praveen says:

    nenu lateral entry.. naku 4-2 ayyesariki 2 backlogs unnayi.. ippudu nen b.tech complete chesinattena leka supply lu rayala??????

  58. srinivas says:

    sir my name is srinivas frm hyd…i have only one backlog first year subject engeering graphics..i can live it..for choice one subject…plz rply me

  59. sharath says:

    sir i am r07 batch student and i secured aggregate of 59.64 after leaving of 2 subjects can i request JNTUH for 60% aggregate marks,it will be very help full for my future plzzz do rply…..

  60. nani says:

    plz help me how to calculate the Jntuh Btech R07 1-4 years marks and aggregate

  61. murari says:

    sir i got 59.62 of my aggregare ..there is any posiblilty to get 60% of aggregate can i request JNTUH for 60% aggregate marks ..please give me reply sir plzzzzzz.

  62. PRAMOD.R says:

    igot59.85 overall can i get 60% is there any scope to get

  63. PRAMOD.R says:

    i am from jntuanantapur plztheowa reply sirrrrrrr

  64. maaya says:

    i completed b.tech. & total % is 74 excluding 2 subjects, 1 from 3-1 & one from 3-2. now i am applying for a job, in application they r asking individual %’s of each sem. how i should enter my 3-1 & 3-2 %(excluding those 2 subjects or including them)?

  65. sandeep says:

    sir i have a backlog in 2-1 ,is there any leaving two subjects now this year ….. pls replay

  66. manoj says:

    i have one backlog on first year can i leave that subject without pass after complted my b.tech iam R09 batch

  67. manoj says:


  68. Kolluri manoj says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear i am now 4-1 B-tech and i got all around 55% including 4 backlogs and i want at-least 60% & above so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me give me some suggestion my dear pl z help me reply me plzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzz ? i suffer a lot of my prob for this reason only so plz help me and my branch is Information Technology have a nice day to all my jntuh people

  69. Kolluri manoj says:

    plzzz reply me ITS URGENT

  70. goutham says:

    sir, im R07 batch having 3 backlogs (m1,computer networks,network programming).i heard of this grace marks system.i got 35marks in m1(2009 dec memo)
    can i leave that subject.
    hope u rpy soon

    35marks(11 internal & 24 in external)

  71. srikanth says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear i am now 3-1 B-tech and i got all around 54% including 4 backlogs and i want at-least 60% & above so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me give me some suggestion my dear pl z help me reply me plzzzzzzz ? i suffer a lot of my prob for this reason only so plz help me and my branch is mechcanical.

  72. madhavi says:

    haiiii sir i got 69.61% aggregate in btech.Is there any chance of getting 70% plzzzzzzzzzzz reply…….

  73. Srikanth says:

    please let me know how to find aggregate for MCA.

    Thank you

  74. Manoj says:

    do we have any chance of leaving subjects …now i am final year r09 batch

  75. venky says:

    sir,can u plz say that there ia subject exemption for r09 batch

  76. vani says:

    i am persuing 4-2 under jntua.nw we hav 4 sub,seminar & project..4 sub will get 400 mrks then hw many wil be allocated for seminar &project?

  77. heart locker says:

    sir my i am now in final year 8th sem my first year marks is 1284 and second year is 1184 and third year is 1385 ….what is my percentage….say me may be it’s 63%

  78. swetha.G says:

    i have 2backlogs in 4-1(r09) i m thinking to exempt them i m eager to know whether the aggregate and this sem % will be calculated leaving those subjects or including dos?and is it so that we can leave the subjects which hav only 4credits or can we leave dos sub which hav 3credits even?

  79. ROOPA says:

    sir…. how i should calculate the b-tech aggregate r08 jntu kakinada. pls send me the link

  80. Neelima says:

    Hai sir,
    Iam pursuing b-tech final year r09 batch, cse department in JNTU Anantapur, I have one supple EDC its not completing please kindly tell me that can i leave that subject????
    My friends said that ” we have to pass in all the subjects then they will remove 2 subjects in that”. Is it right??
    please reply me sir i totally in a frustration state.

  81. srinivas guttula says:

    sir i had study in mechanical engg in 2010 pass out unfortunatlly roung entring my subjects at time of appy memo i live 4 subjects but my % is 59.70 affter entering my 2 subjests 61.7% but my pc and memo was 2nd class what will do to change my marks memo

    • jntuadmin says:

      submit the changed marks.. which may not be updated on there data base..

      return that second class printed pc to them along with changed marks results print ouyt..

      nothing to worry if u have got results changed…

  82. sunitha says:

    i am in 3-2(r10) now with 75%,but i am having 1 backlog i.e,m-2.
    plzz tell me can leave this 1st year subject as per rules.

  83. ram says:

    Sir i am m.ph student. I was unable to write 1st sem exams even mid exams also. But i was passed 2nd sem. Plz tell passout marks without internals in 1st sem. I was in jntuk region

  84. Rathnama charya says:

    sir…please include “exclusion of 2 subjects” for r09 students also….
    i got 69.70% if you include that scheme i will get 70.5%
    many students will be benifited by that scheme…
    i have 7 marks to far from 69.85%. so you dont round up my marks to 70%

    is there any chance to add grace marks to the students


    will you include that 2subject rule for r09

    round up the marks who get 69.70%

    the students life depend on you sir …

  85. chandini says:

    sir i got an aggregate of 69.88% .i knew dat it can be rounded off to 70%. i request you to kindly tell me what all i should do and the requirements to get it round off.

  86. kavitha says:

    sir,will 1st year percentage be considered in aggregate for jntu anantapur r09 batch?

  87. pratheek says:

    hello,i’m currently persuing b.tech 3yr 2nd sem..till 2-2 i have 60.85%..can i expect 72% after 4th yr

  88. Kiran says:

    Sir i have up to 4-1 btech 55% is i get 60%
    till 4-2 please reply

  89. s goverdhan says:

    I have 55% marks till 4-1 and there is no backlogs.Now am 4-2.Is there any chance to get 60%.pls reply me sir

  90. kumar says:

    sir iam march b-tech 2009 pass out ,i have secured an overall agregate percentage of 59.75 percent.is there any chance to round off it to 60 percent .please suggest.because of this iam unable to apply govt jobs.

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