233 Responses to “Exemption of 2 subjects,1st Year subjects from Compulsory Subjects for award of B.Tech (R07) Degree”

  1. manik prabhu says:

    sir i recently passed 4-2 and i have two backlogs 1.ppl and 2.edp
    so i want to leave this subjects can i

    • jntuadmin says:

      Yes u Can leave those subjects. For Detailed information. this the enquire no of JNTU kakinada. 0884200907 Call them and ask once can R07 batch can leave 1st year subjects

      • manik prabhu says:

        sir but edp is a 1st year subject can i leave as a exemption

        • rajesh says:

          sir, i`m a passedout student,i cleared all my subjects except M-1, can i leave that subject….plz tel me sir

      • santosh reddy says:

        sir am santosh reddy. my branch is IT final year JNTUH, i have one backlog in 2-1 subject ADSA so can i leave this subject?? plz confrim this and send ur reply to my mail address plz…

      • sagar says:

        i`m a passedout student,i cleared all my subjects except EDC, can i leave that subject….plz tel me sir

      • manasa says:

        “These orders shall come into force for the students appeared for the examinations during April/May-2011 onward”

        what is the above comment means sir

        • kumar says:

          sir i cmplted my B.tech my regulation is ro7..am now left out with 2 subjects EDC and PNS can i leave dos 2 subjcts ?

      • NANDU says:

        sir R09 regulation have the chance of 2 subjects elimination

      • shona says:

        sir i hav a backlog of stm in 4-1 can i leave that subject and for 2013 r09 is there exception of 2 subjects??

      • thriveni says:

        sir iam studying btech present 4-2 gng on.in last sem i was failed in WT(webtechnologies).may i leave this subject.tommorow i have supply exam sir plz reply immediately sir plz.

  2. nag says:

    can u please list out the practical subjects, i have 4-1 web technology can i leave this.

    • pradeep says:

      practical subs means not the subs which have labs dude………..practical subs means only the labs……….for example if u have microprocessors theory as a backlog and u have cleared the microprocessors lab then u can leave the MP theory subject among the 2 subject which u can leave and can get ur degree happily

  3. pradeep says:

    can jntu kkd r07 students leave the firs year subs?????????.no official notification has been released yet by jntu kkd ,,,so how can u say that ro7 students of jntu kkd can leave the first year subs..only the jntu hyd had released the official notification regarding the exemption of first year subjects of r07 regulation students of only jntu hyd but jntu kkd had not released any official notification yet

  4. manik prabhu says:


    sir i recently passed 4-2 and i have two backlogs 1.ppl and 2.edp so i want to leave this subjects can i

    if i what is the last date for applying undertaking form

  5. sangeetha says:

    can u pls tel me the last date for applying the undertaking form

  6. DIVYA JOIS says:

    sir i have only EDP as a backlog for my whole b.tech. i’m R07 regulation JNTUA. can i leave that subject…. plzzzz rply me as soon as possible sir its our future plzzzzz hope u’ll rply soon

    thanking u sir

    • jntuadmin says:

      Hello divya.
      JNTUK dint gave any notification for R07 people regarding leaving of 1st year subjects.. so u need to complete it. For more better call them and ask once for conformation . here is the no. 08842300907

      • DIVYA JOIS says:

        sir thank u but i’m not JNTUK student i’m JNTUA student

        reply me for this thread

        thanking u sir

      • santosh reddy says:

        sir am santosh reddy. my branch is IT final year JNTUH, i have one backlog in 2-1 subject ADSA so can i leave this subject?? plz confrim this and send ur reply to my mail address plz… my id is santoshreddy.pailla@gmail.com

      • santosh reddy says:

        sir am santosh reddy. my branch is IT final year JNTUH, i have one backlog in 2-1 subject ADSA so can i leave this subject?? plz confrim this and send ur reply to my mail address plz…

      • avinash says:

        for girls ur reply is so fast na…. wat abt us???? we are also students .. wer is d reply for above comments????

    • ayyappa says:

      divya i also have ist year sub plz tell tell if any notification are released

    • rehman says:

      sir i have only EDP as a backlog for my whole b.tech. i’m R07 regulation JNTU. can i leave that subject…. plzzzz rply me as soon as possible sir its our future plzzzzz hope u’ll rply soon thanking u sir

  7. muskan says:



    • jntuadmin says:

      For Now there is no official announcement from JNTUK regarding 1st yr subjects for r07. So u need to complete it . This is kakinada enquiry no 08842300907 of JNTUK.

      • manik prabhu says:

        sir i am from ro7 batch of jntu hyderabad i got message from to my mail as

        JNTU-HYD : EDP is a Theory subject for R07 regulation & u can leave it
        under the exemption of 2 subject rule to get the degree. Once conform
        it from ur respective college exam branches even.

        is it correct

        • jntuadmin says:

          yes JNTU HYD people can do . BUT JNTU kakinada dint announced any notification

          • kumar says:

            sir can i leave des 2 subjects sir EDC and PandS? am frm jntuh..my regulation is r07 m 2012 passedout batch sir..can i leave my 2 subjcts ?

    • Ram says:

      hi Muskan , i am also having the same trouble .
      Did you find solution for this.
      PLZ REPLY me…ramcharan1227@gmail.com

  8. yashu says:


  9. krishna says:

    sir im having m1 & drawing az bcklogz…can jntu anantapur people leave 1st yr subj r not?plz hlp me sir…

  10. ayyappa says:

    sirrrrrrrrrr plzzzzzzzzzzzz help jntuk students also i cleared all my 1st year subs except m1 plz help me sir ,it is my life

  11. ayyappa says:

    plzzzzzzzz when will notification will release by jnyuk?

  12. c.p.rushiner says:

    sir i have passed all subject except seminar and edp can i award btech degree by leavig 2 subject under exemption (07)

    • jntuadmin says:

      If your r from JNTUH u can leave 1st year subs. If u r from JNTUK. u cant leave

      • manasa says:

        sir, where can we get notificaton of ro7 jntuh exemptin of 1st year subjects rule..
        iam waiting for 2 results…sure i will pass.
        but i have M-1 Which i didnt pass,when can i apply for undertaking….
        what is the process

  13. Ch.pavan kumar says:

    Sir I am from jntuk, eee I Completed my B.Tech expect one backlog subject LDICA which is related to practical lab can i eligiable to apply PC

  14. nisar says:

    hai iam from r07 batch from jntu anantapur sir pls tell me sir that edp is a theory or lab subject sir its my life matter sir pls tell me

  15. sheela says:

    i belong to R-07 batch. i have a first year supply which has 6 credits and 3rd year subject which has 4 credits n i got 38 in that subject with 14 in internal. vl i be eligible for the grace mark of 0.15% of 3-2 subject n leave the 1st yr subject in choice?

  16. shoba says:

    edp is theory subject for r07

  17. suhas says:

    I’m an RR student(2004 batch) and have one backlog in 3-2 semester. Could you please make this applicable for our batch too.

  18. hema siva kishore says:

    sir can i leave mfcs subject

  19. sneha says:

    sir i am from r07 regulation i have 2 backlogs wil i get a jntuhyd degree

  20. Srinivas says:

    Dude , Some body told me that if we leave two subjects under Exception then we will get star marks in the Marks list Is it True ??

  21. ranadeep says:

    hi sir i am an(r07)2008-2012 batch i have 2 backlogs (ppl&dcs) i want leave these subjects can u please tell me the procedure how to apply
    iam jntu hyderabad student

  22. bannu says:

    sir, i have “vlsi design in 3-2″ and “computer networks in 4-1″ as backlogs. i am from jntu kakinada R07 regulation. i am in “4-2″ now and will i be awarded btech degree if i excempted these 2 subjects.
    plzz tell me

    • praveen says:

      you can leave them no problem but if you want to do m.tech in vlsi design there won’t allow you to do
      other than this no other problem you won’t get to leave them…….

  23. deepak says:

    i am from jntu kakinada (r07)i have 2 backlogs M.P&W.C.N can I leave these two subjects plz tell me

    • jntuadmin says:

      if those are not LAB subjects u can leave

      • prasad.n says:

        sir i am from jntuk(r07) completed my 4-2 and can i leave computer networks theory subject in 3-2 and spm in 4-1.please help me by replying fast.

        • jntuadmin says:

          yes u can leave non lab subjects

          • prasad.n says:

            will it appear as fail mark in my provisional certificate or on any other certificate issued to me.

          • prasad.n says:

            sir i passed in computer networks lab subject and can i leave computer networks theory subject.

          • siddiqi says:

            i from jntuh(r07) E.C.E completed final year,but i have a backlog M.P&I, so i want to know that as i’m from E.C.E and M.P&I is my core subject and it also have lab, so can i leave this subject in the exeptional chance of two subject.please rply sir its quit urgent.
            thank you.

  24. krishna.l says:

    sir am from jntukAKINADA R07.sir am having 2-1 sem backlog ‘emft’.now am doing 4-2.can i leave this subject in the elemination of 2 subjects.

  25. niri says:

    sir im from jntuk ro7 batch, im having EMFT backlog im 2012 passed out. sir can i leave this subject as exemption subject,.. pls rply mee soon sirr

  26. deepak says:

    i have 4-2 W.C.N and 4-1 C.M.C can i leave this subjects i am jntu kalinada r07

  27. vachaspathi says:

    Sir, i have cleared all labs but for mpi in 3-1 i have cleared lab but not theory and in 4-2 i have a backlog i.e., MS. Now can i remove that MPI theory and MS as an exemption.., please i want to clear info abt MPI theory that it comes under exemption or not…!!

  28. v says:

    Sir, i have cleared all labs but for mpi in 3-1 i have cleared lab but not theory and in 4-2 i have a backlog i.e., MS. Now can i remove that MPI theory and MS as an exemption.., please i want to clear info abt MPI theory that it comes under exemption or not…!!
    And i am from R07 regulation….!!

  29. sir, iam R07 batch 2008-2012 in eee branch i have only m-1 subject plz sir u can tell me that can i leave 1st year subject which has 6 credits and this order is applicable to us.
    plzzzzzzzz sir infrom my mail id

  30. sas says:

    can i leave edp subject as i have only edp as my backlog

  31. sai says:

    sir, i have left one subject in 4-1 ece ..i took pc and cmm
    i got 1200 rank in gate 2012 ….will that be problem for admission into nits

  32. mounika says:

    sir, i am a 2012 passed out.i have a backlog in 3-2 ‘vlsi’.if i didnot clear dat subject will dat effect my future.my frnds r saying dat if i write it in may-2012 then star mark will come in the certificate. is it true???? can i leave dat subject.pls rply me as soon as possible.

  33. kranthi says:

    can i leave edc 6 credits which is lab Subject in first year?
    can please help me?

  34. madhuri says:

    sir iam a student of jntu hyd.i hav backlog of 1st year subject mm and 2.1 subject unix….cn i leave this subjects sir..plz reply

  35. pradeep says:

    sir i am from jntuH i need a small information than can we leave our first year “applied physics” i belong to R07 batch…plz send the reply as soon as possible..

  36. vishnu says:

    sir, iam student of jntu anatapur 2012 passed out i have one backlog(m1) can i leave it .but some body told me it indicates star mark in marks memo its true or not can i write supply or not sir give me information sir

  37. vishnu says:

    sir, iam student of jntu anatapur 2012 passed out i have one backlog(m1) can i leave it .but some body told me it indicates star mark in marks memo its true or not can i write supply or not and any problem occurs in applying for visa sir give me information sir

  38. Varun jetty says:

    sir im from jntu hyd 07 batch i wrote my supply exams in dec/jan of 2011 and i didnt clear mpi(3-1) and wt(4-1) subjects can i leave these two subjects under the exemption ???? plz let me know sir

  39. moizuddin says:

    i am jntuh student 2012 passout, i have WT theory backlock in 4.1 and i paid the supply fee for coming exams but i want to drop that subject as i want my pc n cmm early, so how whats the process to cancel my supply seat i paid for coz i gues il get absent memo if i dnt attempt it n i wont get pc unles i do so wit tat subject? n does a remark come if i drop subj myself? when do i submit the undertaking form to jntu before that suply exam date or after 4.2 results??

  40. siri says:

    sir im writing final year 4-2 sem exams i didnt have any backlogs,today i didnt write my management science exam well so in case if i didnt passed that means can i leave that ms paper when iam asked to leave two subjects after btech

  41. Sushi says:

    Sir , I am JNTU-A student (Ro7) So far i dont have any backlogs, I need to leave 2 low scored subjects in my 3-1 nd 2-2 sems, Can i leave dem !! Wat is the procedure for the exemption of these 2 subjects !! How i have to approach ! Help me :)
    Thank u !!

  42. VASU says:


  43. prakash says:

    sir, i have passout 2012 lateral entry r07 jntu k b.tech student. i have no backlogs. my question is leave two subjects one semster?

  44. Sharanya says:

    Hi. I’m a student from JNTU-H. My HOD is all set to give me 0 marks though I completed my Mini Project (due to personal enemities). If that happens, what best can I do? I’ll explain my problem –

    1. I gave my presentation in front of a panel a month ago.
    2. Now, I’ve prepared my project report and the HOD refuses to sign! I’ve been at the back of him for almost ten days and now we have our External Presentation on 25th and 26th of this month. By then, if he doesn’t sign, he will write 0 and will not give me a chance to present my presentation.

    Can you help me? Is there any help I can get from JNTU? And what happens if he puts 0 in mini project and gives me 0 credits for that?

    Thanks for taking the time. I’m a student with 85% aggregate.

  45. Kumar says:

    Hi, i am a student of JNTUK i had a question plz answer me.

    When did the results of JNTUK 4-1 Advanced Supply results r going to be announced? i am in a serious problem on 09-05-2012 i have to join in company so that i need to GO WITH CERTIFICATES VERIFICATION for that i need to clear only one subject(CSE) “ACA”,can i go for that job with leaving a subject.plz sir i BEG…. u help me….

  46. gayathri says:

    hello sir,im from CSE.Can i leave subjects which are related to labs i.e,CD and WT(i have cleared my labs)need to know about theory papers….can you please help me as soon as possible..!!!

    • jntuadmin says:

      you need to complete theory exams also which are having labs for that subjects

      • prasad.n says:

        sir i am from jntuk completed 4-2 exams and can i leave my 3-2 subject computer networks theory subject.i have passed cn lab.

      • gayathri says:

        But if the subject WT is during november…when do i get the degree…what is the exact time and procedure all will be getting their degree. what will be the diff between them and me

        Plz help me out(there is no chance of leaving lab subject papers even though u clear labs???????)

      • subrahmanyam says:


  47. sir,i m from jntu h ro7..i have 2 backlogs in supply n npot writing it..mah xams r not geoing well in 4-2..will get another chane to complete 4-2?

  48. B SUMANTH KUMAR says:


  49. raju says:

    Sir im raju from ECE JNTUH can i leave the subjects MWE(3-2), wireless communications and networks(4-2) as exemption. And pls tell me what is procedure to get exemption ,will be there any star mark on the certificates

  50. ASHOK kumar says:

    hello sir……can we leava the 3 subjects finally as per the jntuk.i completed my B.Tech in 2012 in cse branch.shall we leave the 3 subjects finally …please give me reply urgently sir……….

  51. harsha says:

    hello sir,im from CSE.Can i leave subjects which are related to labs i.e, WT(i have cleared my labs)

    i have 4-1 web technology can i leave this.MY REGULATION IS R07(JNTUA)..plz reply me sir……….plz sirr…

    • don says:

      hi harsha u can leave WT subject bcoz u hav cleared lab, i am frm r07 too. I hav left my MPI theory and i hav cleared my lab and i got my CMM. For leaving of tht subject u need to submit a letter to ur clg(tht is exemptional letter) u can download it by our JNTU website or else ask in ur clg.

  52. Raghu says:

    I have a backlog WT and i’m from CSE. It’s lab sub for us. Can i leave it and get my degree.Please convey a reply.

  53. saikiran says:

    sir, i am doing my third year in a college recognized by jntu-anantapur,and my regulation is R09 for this regulatiom do we have a chance of leaving subjects? if there is a chance can i leave electronic devices and circuits(e.d.c) a subject in 2-1semister
    sir,please kindly give me reply
    thanking you

  54. Sir, I have 216 credits, however, I have backlogs in practical Pulse and digits circuits (PDC)in 2-2 year can I leave the subject,,,,Please let me know.
    Thank you for looking into this matter.

  55. shirisha says:

    sir,i have passed all subject n labs from 1st yr to 4th yr except NNFL(neural network and fuzzylogic).and am belongs to JNTUH.can i leave that subject.please give reply sir………….will be there any star mark on the certificates

  56. sandeep says:

    sir i have 1st year draing supply sir……….pls help me sit
    this is my life sir

  57. sandeep says:

    sir can i leave drawing subjct?e07 batch

  58. soujanya says:

    I have a backlog EDC and i’m from IT. It’s lab sub for us in 1st year.. Can i leave it and get my degree.Please convey a reply. please sir please

  59. rajesh says:

    sir iam having only m-1 subject as backlog can i leave m-1 insted of two subjects please reply sir i got job

  60. madhu says:

    iam the btech student.sir is there any facility in jntuA to change the agregate % from 69.6% to 70%.
    plz reply me to my mail

  61. vijay says:

    sir i am r07 batch from jntu hyd i have one 1year back log can i live this subject PLZ reply me sir

  62. don says:

    yes you can leave any one of that one, if you cleared EDC lab, then u can leave theory and it has only 6 credits. and u cant leave m1 bcoz it has again 6 credits (6+6=12) acc to R07 we can leave only 8 credits. or else u can leave m1 instead of EDC

  63. nithin nithin says:

    sir am student of JNTUH..belonging to R07 regulation ECE BRANCH. i have only one backlog in 4-1 optical communication (oc). this subject is having lab and i cleared that . is it mandatory that i need to pass that subject.. plzzzzzzzz give me the information…..

    • vachas says:

      Acc to R07 regulation if u pass lab and u failed in subject u can remove as exceptional that subject nithin. Bcoz lab subject means it is only LAB not (LAB+SUBJECT) it is not mandatory that u need to clear that subject also…!!

  64. AARYA says:

    I completed all the subjects except ECA my core and lab subject.i belong to r07,jntu kakinada.can i leave this subject or else i should complete ? can u please answer this

  65. mounica says:

    sir i have passes all the subject except java in 4-2 , i am from jntu kakinada . can i leave this subject , if i leave will it appears as fail in the CMM and OD certificate please replp me

  66. SUMANTH KUMAR says:


  67. srilakshmi says:

    sir i was passed all subjects except distributed databases under cse branch from jntuk can i leave the sudject dd ,what is the procedure for leavining a subject

  68. uma says:

    sir iam ( 2008-2012)r07 batch jntu hyd can i leave first year subject applied physics plese answer me

  69. pravalika says:

    sir, i am a student of R07 having only EDC backlog. as it contains 6 credits can i leave that subject for the award of degree. And if we leave EDC can we leave any other subject also. plz reply

  70. javeed says:

    sir i am having back log wt(web technologies) of 4-1 sem can i drop tht subject. i am having only one back log that is wt……. so plz reply me as soon as possible

  71. qamar khan says:

    i am R07 batch student can i leave the W.T. subject

  72. qamar khan says:

    sir i am b.tech final yr student,can i leave the W.T.

  73. giridhar says:

    sir 2 subjects can be exempted.i am having 3 subjects cn et cs as backlogs.if i write cn in november 2012 is there any problem.ie wat about my certificate can i get regular ie 2008-2012.and if compartment is placed near that subject.

  74. p.venkatareddy says:

    hai am p.venkatareddy 4(2)student of jntu hyd am having m(1)as backlogs can i leave that

    Read more: http://www.jntuhub.com/exemption-2-subjects1st-year-subjects-compulsory-subjects-award-btech-r07-degree/#ixzz1wq4wdN42

  75. lakshman kumar says:

    sir,,,,,,,,,, i have back log in first year ,,,,, ro7 batch,,,, drawing subject is my backlog can i leave it plzzzz reply me sir

  76. suma says:

    sir i got my 4-2 results…and i have nt done with dp sub..can i leave that sub????

  77. Mani says:

    Sir I just got 4/2 results and have DVD backlog. I assume I’m eligible for exemption because my credits are 220. Please tell me the process and last date of applying for the credits.

    Thank you sir,

  78. farhan says:

    sir…can dropping of subjects increase the overall %????

  79. vijay says:

    Sir, i did not wrote EMTL supplimentry even though i paid fees for that exam. in 2nd supplimentry held inapril 2011 i passed that subject. my doubt is whether they will keep -1 credit to me or not.

  80. manoj says:

    sir i have one backlog in first year “AP”(r07) can i leave that?????????

  81. kumar says:

    sir am from jntu-hyd R09 batch. are we having a choice for two subjects exeption in jntu-hyd for R09 batch

  82. harish says:


  83. manoj says:

    sir i have one backlog i 1st yr AP(r07) jntuh i want 2 leave that subject can i????????

  84. vishnu vardhan says:

    sir, i have one backlog in 4-1 dat is dwdm and i cleared dwdm lab can i leave dwdm sbjct

  85. rehman says:

    sir i have 1 backlog of 1yr(edc) wat can i do.can i leave that subject reply me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  86. raju says:

    sir i am lost my e-com sub in 4-2 sem.i can live that subj and get 2012 pass out memo.process of exemption of subj

  87. swathi says:

    sir when will get notification of excemption of first year subjects from compulsory subjects

  88. praveen says:

    hai i m 2012 passouts from jntuh R07 batch as 4-2 results are released 20days back still not released notification for leaving two subjects when would be notification will be released please reply me sir………

  89. praveen says:

    no problem if you leave them…
    but that to subjects are main subjects for your future if want to go for job trails at core side jobs like embedded system i think so as i m to your batch it self. think once before what you wanna to either leave nor write?

  90. manoj says:

    hiii sir im 2012 passouts from jntuh R07 im eagarly waiting for 1st yr exception notification bcz i have AP, so can u plz tell me wen vill dat notification vill be released ..reply me sir…

  91. Giridhar says:

    sir i am having 216 credits out of 224 credits.i am having cn dsp as backlogs.even i can get degree right now i wish to clear cn dsp.even if i complete those exams with my juniors ie which will be held in nov 2012 may i get certificate as regular ie 2008-2012

  92. siddiqi says:

    sir i from jntuh ro7 had cmpld final year..have a backlog mp&i i belongs to e.c.e and mpi is a lab subject n also a core..can i leave this subject in exceptional chance ?

  93. arun says:

    sir i have M1 supply i am passout of 2008-2012 (R07) can i leave M1 subject

  94. prasad says:

    hi sir I completed all the subjects except NP which is in CSE and lab subject.i belong to r07,jntu HYD.can i leave this subject or else i should complete ? can u please answer sir…

    Read more: http://www.jntuhub.com/exemption-2-subjects1st-year-subjects-compulsory-subjects-award-btech-r07-degree/#ixzz1zCJhT1Q6

  95. prathyusha says:

    hie, i hve not yet cleared my dld subject. i hve completed my 4-2. I belong to R07 batch can i leave it? when can i keep the application for jntu? when is the last date?

  96. chintu says:

    sir ihve passd all subjcts except 1styr Apllied physics can i leave the subject

  97. sandeep says:

    sir does this option works for r09 batch of jntuh? does leaving any 2 subjects have effect on our percentage?

  98. swapna says:

    sir, Iam from r07 batch of jntuh, unfortunately i have a backlog of 4-2 subject, and applied for recorrection but marks didnt change and i dint apply for supply and last date is over, so kindly please inform me, can i leave that suject with backlog i.e radar systems……. please reply me..

  99. AVINASH says:

    hii…i am 2012 passed out but i hav WEB TECHNOLOGY as a back log…i hav cleared my lab exam…i am planning to leave it…and i m trying for my MS in a foreign country mostly US …will tat effect my admission into universities….PLEASE REPLY…

  100. AISHA says:

    Sir, iam from RO7 batch..i have a backlog MICROCONTROLLERS AND APPLICATIONS in 4-1 semester which i have not cleared till now.Will it affect my future if i leave this subject under the exemption of 2 subjects rule? because i want to pursue M.tech in Embedded Systems.

  101. kranthi says:

    sir I’v passed in all subjects except m1 , can I get my degree certificate

  102. ather says:

    sir im 2012 passout frm EEE brnch but i hv 4-2 sub dcs n 3-2 mpmc cn i leave mpmc sub as it has lab for dis sub rpy me sir as soon as posible plzz sirrr

  103. chaitanya says:

    sir, I am r09 student from jnth.i would like to know whether I can skip my drawing(edp first year sub).I hav cleared all subjects upto now(now I am in 4-1).so plz tell me whether I can leave drawing sub

  104. Dinesh says:

    Hello sir this is Dinesh from JNTUH passdout this year , I am having MM of 1st year 6 credits
    P.S of 2nd yr 1st sem 4 credits can i leave this two subjects in optional, Please confirm me , your early response will be highly appreciated in this matter…

  105. mohan says:

    Hello sir this is mohan from JNTUH passdout this year , I am having M1 of 1st year 6 credits AINN of 2nd yr 1st sem 4 credits can i leave this two subjects in optional, Please confirm me soon

  106. vachas says:

    Mounika u can leave ur subject as an exceptional if ur frm JNTU HYD. And others i don’t know correct information like(JNTUk,JNTUA…etc). U can happily clear ur B.TECH by leaving that and it should be only regular or lab related Subject BUT NOT LAB(practical subj)…

  107. dileep says:

    I applied for revaluation
    but I don’t know the revaluation results until i paid the fee for supply.
    I cant find them on web site or college.

    I asked in my college many times even before the payment of supply fee. but there is no response.
    I have no choice on the last day of the exam fee. and i paid the fee.

    after i came to know that I have passed in that subject.
    and I have to pay fine of Rs 5000 . else exam will be cancelled.

    but i did not pay 5000 and today we have a exam what i applied for revaluation but i dont fine my number at examination room but my clz management says that i have to 5000.
    is it true plz reply me

  108. ather says:

    sir r07 batch i hv backlog of 3-2 mpmc sub n v hve a lab of mpmc in 4-1 can i leave tis sub plzz rpy soon on my id bcs as bfre i hv ask da same qn bt didnt find da ans

  109. saikranthi says:

    sir i’m a btech 4th year student
    i’m hvng a backlog of 1st year subject(edp)cn i leave it

  110. niranjan reddy says:

    sir i didnt wrot well my 2.2 sub, mba jntuh if i fails in that sub,,,,,,is it effects my projct viva?

  111. chandu says:

    sir got a backlog from first year edc subject and from 2nd year em-2
    can i leave any one of this subject? please guide me

  112. priyanka agarwal says:

    GOOD MORNING SIR, I AM A student from jntu hyderabad from r09 regulation. i am very tensed about a first year subject m1. as i have cleared all the other subjects. can i leave m1 as optional? do we have this choice like r07 regulation???

  113. Amruth says:

    hello sir,I am a r07 jntuh student.I got detained in my 2-1 and I am now in 4-1..so will I be considered as a r09 regulation student and wont have a drop option??..i have VLSI and APPLIED PHYSICS backlogs and i would wish to drop these..I am very curious to know..thanku!

  114. zilan says:

    sir iam b.tech (r09)jntu anantapur student 2subjects exception rule are ther or not plsssssssssssssssssssssss reply arjent

  115. kalyani says:

    sir i an R09 student of JNTUH am studting my 4-1 and i hav 2 backlogs one from 1st year m-1 and p and s from 2-1 so can i leave those 2 subjects to get my degree..

  116. ram says:

    sir many attempte for clearing my supplies for r07 batch can i know sir plz as i am working in a reputed office the timing is not able to mannage plz could u suggest me sir

  117. bindu says:

    sir im havin m1 n mm subjz from 1 year sir r09 regulation JNTU HYD sir can i leav those maths both papers sir pleas giv correct info it ill b a great helpfl for me……….

  118. g.sagar says:

    sir the removal of two subjects applicable for R09 regulation also???
    or is it only for R07….

    thanks u sir

  119. josh says:

    sir why are you not giving response about r09 batch of excemption of subjects …. please tell me about thee r09 that we people hav the leaving of two subjects

  120. praveen says:

    hello , may be there will no official notification seperately for R09 batch..

    So the R07 will be followed for r09 batch to…

    i have seen here regarding this….


  121. Sree says:

    Sir i have Ed ist year backlog….can i leave it ??plz reply

  122. vishal says:

    As am the student of b-tech (R09) jntuh.I dont need an exception for leaving out 2 subjects ,i have passed all my subjects except my 1st year m1(6 credits).can i leave this subject or i should pass to recieve the award of degree.plz reply me

  123. abhiram says:

    hello sir, iam a final year student of jntuATP (r09) sir i have only one subject as a backlog i.e engineering drawing.it is a first year subject. i can,t passed stll now . it is possible to leave that subject as a excemption. quick replay as early as possible.

  124. sindhuja says:

    sir am from jntu-hyd R09 batch. are we having a choice for two subjects exeption.

  125. Divya says:

    Hello Sir,I am from JNTU-HYD RR batch.I have one 4-1 subject backlog.I can’t passed right now.can I leave that subject as an excemption(may i eligible for that).Plz reply…Thank you.

  126. ramesh says:

    sir im ro9 batch final year student i have a backlog for 4-1 subject cm and 2-2 subject fmhm i can leave that subjects to get the degree

  127. ramesh says:

    sir iam from jntu-hyd r09 batch. are we having a choice for two subjects exeption please give me reply me

  128. prasanth says:

    sir.,iam health problem because my attendance is below 65% pls replay jntu anantapur new rules

  129. bhargav says:

    sir, iam final year 4-2, I have 2 backlock in 2-1, EDC,ADS, is it possible to leave them for R09 batch..

  130. krupakar says:

    Hai sir,
    many of our jntuh 2013 r09 passouts couldnot able to get through some of their subjects wich leads a lot of mental depression for us.
    truly we r not able to get rid of some subjects,so i request u to plzz understand our problem by promoting a plan of exempting of atleast 1 or 2 subjects for 2013 passouts also.
    since this was there for our seniors so we thought that we do hav the same opportunity but, last year we hav cum to know about this, that the exemption was removed for our batch.
    sir this is heart breaking problm wich v r experiencing ri8 nw,plzz take a good decision which would save our future as well as our valuable lives.
    hope u understand our sorrow..
    i may not specify my name or adress bcz ITS not only a problem of me but its a suffer of lakhs of people from our 2013 pass outs..

  131. RAMESH says:


  132. ullas says:

    sir i am ro9 student,i have m-1 backlog, can i leave it in exception option sir.please reply me

  133. monica says:

    sir, im R09 batch student of jntua. does we have choice leave any 2 thoery subjects??? please reply me

  134. chaitanya sai says:

    sir ,im R07 B.tech student of jntuk.can i leave a subject that is not attemted (abscent to the exam)

  135. PRASAD says:

    helo SIR,am frm JNTU ATP.,cn i knw whether there is an exemption 0f 2 subjects in jntu-atp for R09 batch….i.e.,2013 passout batch…..if yes..,is there any exemption for 1st year subjects….COULD U PLS LEAVE ME A RPLY…….THANK U SIR…..

  136. PRASAD says:

    helo SIR,am frm JNTU ATP.,cn i knw whether there is an exemption 0f 2 subjects in jntu-atp for R09 batch….i.e.,2013 passout batch…..if yes..,is there any exemption for 1st year subjects….COULD U PLS LEAVE ME A RPLY…….THANK U SIR…..

  137. chaitanya says:

    can you please mail me important units to study for jntuk ece 4-2
    oc optical communication
    erts embedded real time systems
    wcn wireless communication networks
    I have sem exam on 17th april 2013.. so please post to me as soon as possible…

  138. harish says:

    sir, i just wrote my 4-2 exams.but i have 2 backlogs in 4-1.
    can i leave those 2 subjects and can i get degree along with others at the same time.

  139. jagadish says:

    plz tell me about excemption of two subj is possible in R10 and it may cause any problem?

  140. Anuroopa says:

    Hello sir. My brother got detained in his 3.2(r07) and fell under r09 regulation. He has 2 backlog in 2.1 (i.e when he was in r07 regulation)which are not practical subs.. so will he have an option of leaving 2 subs of 4 credits, because he is now both r07 and r09… ……
    Please sir reply soon

  141. pradeep says:

    sir i belong to jntuk and today i got my results im failed in oops and this is my only backlog in career. what should i do to leave this subject?? pls answer me….

  142. bulusu phaneendra prabhakar says:

    sir, i have backlog in 4-2, i am studyiny in ece . i have failed in “optical communication” can this subject can be left in 2 subject exemption .

  143. arjun says:

    sir iam jntuk r07 final year civil student. ihave backlog of prestressed concrete in 4-2. shall i leave the subject.
    i think to apply for revaluation. if in fail in revaluation i think to write supplymentary. what is your suggetion sir
    if i pass in revaluation is it come in certificate i pass supplementary
    please mail suggetion it is my futer problem sir please mail answer sir

  144. Priya says:

    Hello sir,
    I’m a jntuh student ,I a doubt regrading exception of subjects,if v leave any subjects will it be effected on visa process please reply

  145. vinod says:

    sir,when the jntuh 4-2 ro9 revaluation results will be relsed…can u plse tell me date sir..

  146. umesh says:

    sir i have cleared all my subjects with 64%. if i leave2 subjects from 4-2.i will get 65%. is it be possible?

  147. umesh says:

    then what is the process i have to follow?

  148. umesh says:

    sir i have pased all my subjects is it possible to remove my interested subjects or jntu will decide my subjects

  149. Ramesh Kumar says:

    gud evening sir, im frm R09 anantapur actualy im now 3rd btech in eee dept. and i hve one backlog in 2-1 can i expection this subject. kindly tell me im very waiting….

  150. shahjahan says:

    information required urgent

    i have joined b.tech in 2009 and i have a first year back log EDC and it is 6 credited subject can i leave it and continuee to get my degreee please please reply fast reply fast

  151. v rohit says:

    sir , i have two backlog in my final year one is in 4-1 and another is in 4-2 but just now i written 4-2 supply exam but i have problem with my aggregate at present my aggregate is 59.80 if can i pass this exam with 33 marks i can get 60% or if i does not pass this exam i want 9 more marks added i can get 60% jntu k will be provided that 9 marks

  152. Revathi says:

    I’m RR(2004 batch)student have one backlog in 2-1semester. Can I am eligible for exemption rule to get the degree. Could you please conform me weather I am eligible to leave the subject.

  153. Revathi says:

    I am RR(batch 2004) lateral entry joined in 2005 and having one backlog in 2-1 semester. can I am eligible for exemption rule sir.

  154. mounica says:

    Sir Iinve completed my b-tech ro7 but I’m having 2backlogs in 1st year EDC, AP can I leave these two subjects, pls reply sir

  155. Saroja says:

    Hii sir…..I am cse student.R10 batch(JNTUK)…..I have one backlog i.e Computer Organisation in 3-2 semester…………Can i leave this subject???Pls reply…….

  156. ramesh says:

    hi sir i have 2 backlogs 1 theory and p.e. lab. can i get my certificate?if not when am i get my certificate back when i am pass lab in oct/nov exam[r-09].plz tell me sir.

  157. girish reddy says:

    hi sir i have one backlog in first year (m1) iam the student of ‘RR’ batch,can i apply for excumption.please give us excumption by this some of our batch students can get degree.

  158. munna says:

    sir,i am studying 4 2 btech and i’m having edc as a backlog in 2 1 can i leave it. please reply…

  159. poojitha says:

    Is there a chance that i can leave DWDM in the excemption of two subjects rule? Please help me out sir. It means a lot to me. Thank you sir.

  160. akaash says:

    should we have to pay fees again if detained by credits in b tech… help me out sir… plzz…

  161. prashanth reddy says:

    if i exempt MM from first year …what is the max marks ….is it 5250 or 5350

  162. sanju says:

    sir i m a student of jntuanatapur i had lica subject backlog can i leave the subject this doubt came me because there is linear anr digital circuits lab for us please rply me sir

  163. shiva appa says:

    hi sir I am from run batch and I have two backlog one is from 1st year m1 and second is from 4-2 that is wireless communication and networks and I am leaving one subject m1 in exemption and I am going to write 4-2 supply on 1st of July but till now I have wrote that exam two times and correctly but they didn’t passed me when I went to my college to apply for re correction or recounting they advised me not to apply for this better things is to do is you write supply so finally I want to gain more marks so what I have to do for that please suggest me thank you

  164. shiva appa says:

    Sorry sir it’s not run from r09 batch

  165. harsha says:

    sir …I am in 3 year .I have m1 subject I am 2015 pass out batch. can I leave m1 subject .

  166. srinivas says:

    sir am jnthu r09 batch 2010-2014 batch i didnt cleared my m-1 and edp from first year i have any other option to awaed degree now my aggrigate is 68% please help me

  167. purna says:

    i m from rr batch i have 1 backlock am i eligible for btech degree

  168. sir i passed mpi lab but i have mpi and ainn subjects can i leave mpi and ainn

  169. neha says:

    Sir I’m Neha of R09 2011 batch I have just completed my 4-1 do we have the exemption of leaving 2 subjects dis year reply pls

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